The Intuitive Workshops are the perfect place to start your learning and self-discovery with Caroline and her school masters!


Caroline’s workshops are specifically designed with you in mind. They are the foundation of Caroline’s work with people and horses and where she begins with each student and horse. The workshops are designed to do two things: develop you to your fullest and to teach you how to have the most amazing relationship, connection and partnership possible with your horse. 



Immersion. Transformation. Results.

Come and immerse yourself in a world where horses and people exist in total harmony; connecting in thought, hearts and body all day, every day!



"I can show you how. Awareness of what gets in our way is more than 75% of the solution. I can help you deepen your awareness and give you the skills to set you free. All you need to do is believe and trust the process. Simple and yet not easy. And, this is the way to releasing, healing and fulfilling our personal potential - in every situation." 

- Caroline Volandt-Beste