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Total Immersion and SAVE!

The Bodhi Wellness Center is one-of-a-kind. We are not a typical training facility. Ours is a Center where students from around the world come for education, healing, meditation, spiritual awakening, and to learn the language of Equus.


The layout of our facility and the intentional flow of working spaces provide the most amazing atmosphere and setting for you and your horse to trust, be open, release, heal, and, most of all, learn. Caroline’s work encompasses a lifetime of study, experience, and practice. She is an international clinician, motivational speaker, and holistic practitioner with a concentration in relationships, attunement, and classical horsemanship.

Each day is filled with horse and human community, connection, and conversation. We spend our entire day interacting, engaging, listening, communicating, and learning from one another. Whether it’s during a grooming session, lesson or on an evening trail ride, the experiences continue to evolve.

While Total Immersions follow Caroline’s foundation training curriculum they are designed to meet the individual needs of both student and horse. Whether working with your own horse, or with Caroline's school masters, you will have the opportunity to learn her intuitive approach and modalities to mastering yourself and your horsemanship. Her Taoist approach provides the mindset, space, and learning environment for individuals to feel safe while shifting their consciousness and expanding their inner spirituality, relationships, self-power, and personal performance. 

Should you want the level of education that an Immersion encompasses but cannot commit to coming to the Bodhi Wellness Center, Caroline can come to you. Please contact her directly to further discuss scheduling.

Caroline can travel to you and your horse! 

3-day Immersion

5% Discounted Cost $2,850 
Regular Cost $3,000 


5-Day Immersion 

5% Discounted Cost $4,750
Regular Cost $5,000

Costs include travel expenses, hotel

and 40+ page manual.

Off-site costs reflect booking in advance. Late scheduling for flight reservations may increase due to short notice.


3-Day Immersion

5% Discounted Cost $2,422
Regular Cost $2,550

5-Day Immersion

5% Discounted Cost $4,037
Regular Cost $4,250 

Both include lunch, snacks, refreshments and 40+ page manual. 

5-day immersions include 4 nights accommodations in guest house. Please see pics of guest house, below. 

Deposit: A 50% deposit is required to secure your weekly training and housing.  Balance is due thirty days prior to your starting date.  


Payment Options: There is a 3% courtesy fee for all online payments.  You can also mail a check, made payable to Tao of Horsemanship, to: Tao of Horsemanship, 19950 SW 5th Place Dunnellon Florida 34431.  We do not accept international checks.

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds or rescheduling.

Get in touch with us today to discuss and book your customized Total Immersion Training Experience!


Guest House
On-site housing is included for 5-day immersions only and from Monday-Thursday (4 nights) lodging.

Nightly rental of guest house is available for 3-day immersions and is $150/night and includes use of entire 1,300 sq. ft. guest house, private back patio and beautiful sunsets here on the ranch!


Hotels: Click here for a list of hotels.