Caroline specializes in: Personal Attunement; Intuitive Leadership; Conscious Manifestation; Horsemanship & Personal Development; Trauma, PTSD, Healing and Restoration; Horse Care and Business Development including branding, marketing and self-promotion. 

Assessments & Personal Coaching

Her in-person coaching sessions are held here at her Center where she and her equine school masters can co-facilitate a resolution and/or healing process. The healing process begins with identifying unwanted feelings, fears, thoughts and actions. Students are then taught Chakra (energy) embodiment exercises that assist in identifying unwanted and trapped emotions - emotions that are lodged deep within the sensory aware Chakra points. These exercises are also designed to assist in releasing the trapped emotion thus begins the healing process. Once the healing process begins we can then restore and rebuild the parts of ourselves that were missing, depleted, abandoned or forgotten.  

In-person coaching sessions are $135/hour with a minimum of three hours.​

Long-distance coaching

If you are not able to come to Florida for at personal coaching sessions, we also offer online coaching:

4-6 Minute Video Assessment and Questions: 

Upload a 4-6 minute video* of you working with your horse for Caroline to review and then email her your questions with a link to the video.  You will receive one email assessment from Caroline.

Cost: $75 per assessment


15-20 Minute Video Assessment and Questions

Upload a 15-20 minute video* of you working with your horse for Caroline to review and then email her your questions with a link to the video.  You will receive one email assessment from Caroline and one 15-minute follow-up phone conversation.

Cost: $135 per assessment


Long Distance Phone Coaching

Email today to schedule a personal long-distance coaching session with Caroline:

Cost: $135/hour

Instructions for phone coaching calls and emails:

1) Please narrow your focus down to the most important area you need assistance with and we will begin there.
2) Once you have outlined the most important area(s), please list additional areas in case we have time to discuss.


3) Once you decide which coaching session you want/need, please secure with online payment by clicking here.  Payment secures your coaching call.
4) I will respond within 36 hours. My availability is M-F, 8-9am and 3-6pm EST zone (US/East Coast time zone).
5) Once I receive payment I will email you to schedule our coaching session. 

NOTE:For continued coaching, you can purchase an hour and we can use any amount of that hour, leaving the remaining for the next session. Example: we use 20 minutes the second session, leaving 40 minutes for the third and/or fourth session. 

Videos will be reviewed within 5 business days of payment.

All video footage MUST be clear, meaning that the challenge at hand needs to be easy to identify.  For example, we will need close-up shots of the areas that are in question, or are of concern, in your work with your horse. If your footage is blurry, too far away, or too close up for us to detect the issue at hand, you will be asked to record and submit new footage.  Most students create a private YouTube account and upload their videos for easy viewing.