our mission

Our mission is to help you achieve the life you want to live. 

Located in Dunnellon, Florida, our equestrian center provides an array of opportunities for you to release, heal, connect, and most of all live the life you dream of living. Our programs are enlightening and transformative providing an array of knowledge and tools specifically designed to support your personal growth and future well-being.

You will leave feeling enriched in your new-found knowledge and empowered with skill sets specifically designed to meet your personal challenges, aspirations, and goals.

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Bodhi Wellness Center

The Bodhi Wellness Center is a sacred place designed to help you achieve the life you want and need to live. 

Our mission is to help you achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle, one where you feel inner peace, balance, well-being, and confidence. Our programs provide you with the necessary resources, education, practices, and tools necessary for change to take place.


the meaning of

the Bodhi tree

What does Bodhi mean? Enlightenment, awakening, learning, knowledge, wisdom.

The bodhi tree was symbolic of “awake-ness” long before Prince Siddartha Gautama entered the opening of enlightenment beneath its leaves in 528 B.C..


our wellness approach

We help you discover yourself through the wisdom of the horse. Our approach is holistic and includes the multi-dimensional aspects of our being; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. 



Taoism (also known as Daoism) is a Chinese philosophy attributed to Lao Tzu (c. 500 BCE) which contributed to the folk religion of the people primarily in the rural areas of China and became the official religion of the country under the Tang Dynasty. Taoism is therefore both a philosophyand a religion. We refer to it as a practice that calls one to be mindful of their thoughts, feelings and actions.


being intuitive

Intuitive means tuning in, becoming attuned and listening to the way we feel about a situation, person, thought or thing. Intuition is based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning. It is instinctive, not scientific, logical or about reason and because it cannot be measured by scientific research it is somewhat of an anomaly for most and perceived as an esoteric concept rather than the truth of a situation. 

working with

energy and horses

Horses are a sensitive, feeling-oriented and highly attuned species. Regardless of your level of experience with horses, training or riding, your ability to manage your personal energy and become emotionally agile will profoundly shift your experience with your horse.


Chakra Conscious®

Chakra power, integration, and healing practices

Chakra Conscious® was developed by Caroline and is a guide to personal and physical attunement, health, self-alignment, and well-being. While practices allow us to tap into wisdom within as we make the pilgrimage journey of self-actualization and conscious living, they also focus on the development of body awareness, embodiment, improved balance, and relaxation while in movement.

about caroline

Since a child I had a vision. It started out wanting to help create a better world for animals. I grew up in a family dynamic that included a sundry of animals. We loved our animals so much, spending all our free time cavorting about with them before school, after school, weekends and we even took our pets on vacations with us, including our dog, cat, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks and wild pigeon.